Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge.

So here we are once again.

I just want to plug Nicole's Site: Pinch My Salt, which was the origin of this Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge as I am trying to remember how I came to join the challenge.

It all started with a quest for good pizza. I checked out Jeff Varasano's Pizza page, which led me to the Electrolux Assistent DLX/N26/AKM4110W. From there, I got interested in making bread, which led me to The Fresh Loaf. I saw on the side that they had The Bread Baker's Apprentice as a featured book, so I asked my girlfriend to bring it back from the States during her visit. At the same time, I discovered three blogs out of the haze of food blogs out there: Smitten Kitchen, Flour Girl, and Pinch My Salt.

I started reading The Bread Baker's Apprentice by Peter Reinhart, and had just gotten to the recipe when the challenge was announced. I thought about it, but then went back to reading the book. It wasn't until a post on The Fresh Loaf that brought the challenge back to my attention. I thought seriously about it. This would be a huge time committment.

But then I joined on impulse. About 40 weeks of breads.

And here we are.

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